Mobility Allowance

The Mobility Allowance is a payment issued by Centrelink to people over 16 years of age, who spend at least eight hours per week in employment (paid or voluntary), vocational training, secondary education or job seeking and who cannot use public transport without substantial assistance. This payment is not means tested. See more at

Travel Pass

Travel Passes is issued by Visibility Association on behalf of the Department of Transport. The Pass entitles the person, and his or her guide, to travel freely on metropolitan buses, trains and ferries.

Some free country and discounted interstate and international travel is also included. To be eligible for a Travel Pass, a person must have at least 75% visual incapacity determined by measures of either visual acuity, visual field or a combination of visual acuity and field. Our Staff make this determination from calculations based on a formula provided by the Royal Australian College of Ophthalmology. See more at

Companion Card

The Companion Card is issued by National Disability Services WA to people with a significant and permanent disability who require attendant care support from a companion to access community activities and venues.

Cardholders present their Companion Card at an affiliated venue or event that charges an admission fee. Affiliated organisations and businesses will admit the cardholder’s companion at no charge. If you would like more information visit the Companion Card website or call 1800 617 337. See more at

Transperth Concession

Vision impaired passengers are eligible for Free Travel Concession. Proof Required: Western Australian Vision Impaired Free Pass*

*Holders of interstate passes can obtain a WA pass from Visability. See more at

Taxi Users Subsidy Scheme

Administered through the Department of Transport, the Taxi Users Subsidy Scheme provides members with a 50% (or 75% if a wheelchair user) subsidy up to $25 per trip; whichever is the least, for all taxi travel. To be eligible, a person must be legally blind or have severe vision loss, together with other health or mobility problems. A doctor must complete the application. Please contact us for more information about any of these benefits. – See more at:


Qantas airline has a wide range of service to help customers who are blind or vision impaired. Check out information at Qantas website

Travel Tree

Travel Tree (Australasia) company was born out of one of the most formidable travel partnerships in Australia, is now a dynamic provider of travel services. In 2016 an Escorted Vision Impaired Tour of Singapore has been designed with flights departing from around Australia, as part of the opportunity to meet other like-minded persons, whilst holidaying in the multi-cultural garden city of South East Asia. See more at