Reports of Past Research Funded by Retina Australia

As an Australian volunteer-led charity, Retina Australia funds world-leading research into treatments and cures for blindness caused by inherited retinal disease. Thanks to our wonderful donors we have invested over $5.5 million in more than 40 research projects since 1983.

2020 Report – Raymond Wong

Development of regenerative therapy for retinitis pigmentosa using cellular reprogramming. Read more

2020 Report – Gonzales Cordero

Single cell RNA sequencing to characterise cell diversity and molecular signatures of hiPSC-derived retinal organoids.   Read more

2020 Report – Jennifer Thompson

Provision of genetic research reports to Australian Inherited Retinal Disease Registry participants via their nominated ophthalmologist or clinical geneticist. Read more

2019 Report – Michael O’Connor

Define the mechanism by which C1 rescues some functions in Best Disease RPE.  Read more

2019 Report – Livia Carvalho

Dual AAV retinal gene therapy approach for Usher 1F treatment.  Read more

2019 Report – Nigel Lovell

Improving the global acceptance of retinal prostheses: Assessing the influence of different stages of retinal degeneration on selective activation of retinal ganglion cells.  Read more

2018 Report – Riccardo Natoli
Microglia and retinal degenerations: Identifying key modulators of inflammation as therapeutic targets. Read More

2018 Report – AIRDR
Report to Retina Australia on research carried out by the Australian Inherited Retinal Disease Registry and DNA Bank for the period 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2019. Read More

2018 Report – Carla Mellough et al
Utilising patient-specific retinal organoids in vitro to investigate the effects of an SNRNP200 mutation causing early onset Retinitis Pigmentosa. Read More

2017 Report – Alice Pebay et al
Large scale generation of retinal pigment epithelium cells from patient induced pluripotent stem cells. Read More

2016 Report – Livia Carvalho et al
Cone photoreceptor development and cell death mechanisms. Read More

2016 Report – AIRDR
Australian Inherited Retinal Diseases Register and DNA Bank. Read More

2015 Report – Marc Sarossy et al
Hyperspectral funduscopy for non-invasive detection of retinal ischemia. Read More

2015 Report – Nigel Lovell
Evaluation of electrical stimulation strategies for selective activation of neurons by a retinal prosthesis. Read More

2015 Report – David Mackeyet al
Accelerating therapeutic discoveries for retinitis pigmentosa. Read More

2015 Report – Sandy Hung et al
Correcting inherited retinal disease through gene editing. Read More

2014 Report – Lauren Ayton et al
Validation of novel outcome measures for use in vision restoration clinical trials. Read More

2014 Report – Robyn Jamieson et al
Finding genetics answers for Leber congenital amaurosis using next-generation sequencing. Read More

2013 Report – Erica Fletcher et al
The role of gliosis in advanced retinal degeneration. Read More

2012 Report – Krisztina Valter et al
In vitro and In vivo Response of Retinal Muller Glia to Photobiomodulation. Read More

2011 Report – Erica Fletcher
The role of purines in photoreceptor death during retinal degeneration. Read More

2011 Report – Robyn Guymer et al
Does the level of systemic inflammation influence the outcome of treatment in neovascular Age-Related Macular Degeneration? Read More

2011 Report – David Hunt et al
Role of a novel miRNA in the dominant syndromic disorder of macular dystrophy and split habd and foot malformation. Read More

2010 Report – Ursula Greferath
Histamine in the development and maintenance of the retina. Read More

2010 Report – Erica Fletcher et al
Recent developments in retinal degeneration. Read More

2009 Report – Erica Fletcher
The role of purines in photoreceptor death during retinal degeneration. Read More

2008 Report – Michael Kalloniatis et al
Photoreceptor degeneration in retinitis pigmentosa. Read More

2007 Report – Elizabeth Rakoczy et al
Gene therapy for LCA and Age-Related Macular Degeneration. Read More

2006 Report – Elizabeth Rakoczy et al
Optimising the benefits of retinal gene therapy using animal models of Leber’s Congenital Amaurosis. Read More

2006 Report – Nigel Lovell et al
Functional optical imaging of the cat visual cortex in response to electrical stimulation of the retina. Read More

2005 Report – JJ Wang et al
Cataract surgery and risk of Age-related Macular Degeneration. Read More

2005 Report – Elizabeth Rakoczy et al
Can the process of advanced retinal degeneration be prevented or slowed down in the RPE65 models of LCA? Read More