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Grant Applications

Retina Australia is a not-for-profit organisation which acts in the interest of those affected by inherited retinal diseases. In addition to its other activities, Retina Australia directs funds to scientific/medical research in Australia relevant to the causes, treatment, prevention or cure of inherited retinal diseases. Priority will be given to studies of inherited retinal diseases and, to the extent that available funds permit, to age-related macular degeneration. The research may be basic or applied.

Research into diabetic retinopathy is not funded by Retina Australia, nor is research into behavioural and welfare aspects of retinal disease. Funds will not normally be granted for more than one year and will not normally exceed $60,000.

Retina Australia will also consider funding overseas research when deemed appropriate by the Grants Advisory Committee. Normally this research would be led by an Australian researcher working overseas and funded according to the same competitive basis as for Australian grant. 

Applications for Retina Australia Research Grants open in mid-April each year and close on 30 June each year.

Our Retina Australia Funding Guidelines can be downloaded here. Interested individual researchers, or institutions should contact the Company Secretary for additional information, if required, at


Applicants will require at least a PhD, or Master’s Degree, from an Australian university or one recognized by the Medical Board of Australia. 

Applications lodged with Retina Australia shall be in the form of a direct application, which is attached to the funding guidelines. 

Applications shall be made electronically to