Help fundraise in your community

Engaging in some DIY fundraising is a fantastic way to help Retina Australia.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Run an event to support Retina Australia – like a quiz night, concert, film festival, garage sale, car wash or cake stall.
  • Host a dinner party or organise a house warming at your new place.
  • Create your own event — run, cycle, paddle or climb for Retina Australia, or see if there is already a registered event online.
  • Instead of gifts for your birthday, wedding or anniversary, ask your friends and family to give a gift through Just Giving that makes a lasting difference for others.
  • Grow a beard, dye your hair red, give up coffee for a month … ask your family and friends to support you on the challenge/adventure through a donation to Retina Australia. Set up a support page today.

It is so simple to get started online. Contact us to set up your fundraising page. We’d love to hear about your plans.

Start Fundraising!