Leave a Legacy After You're Gone

Bob Daniel Bequest Program

As a founding member of Retina Australia (formerly the Australian Retinitis Pigmentosa Society), and its inaugural president, Bob Daniel had a profound impact, helping to build a successful foundation for the future of our organisation. To honour this contribution, we have named our Bequest program the Bob Daniel Bequests Program.

The Bob Daniel Bequests Program recognises the generosity and future impact of those that intend to leave a Gift in their Will to Retina Australia.

Gifts in wills are a wonderful way to leave a legacy even after you are gone. Making a Will is an important part of planning for the future. After you have provided for loved ones, you may consider including Retina Australia as a beneficiary.

By leaving a bequest to Retina Australia in your Will, you make a commitment that will help to change the future for those living with inherited retinal diseases.

Make or update your Will
Your Will is an important document that must be properly prepared and executed. We recommend using a solicitor to make sure your Will is legal and valid.

Decide on your gift
Leaving a bequest in your Will is one of the most valuable and lasting ways you can support Retina Australia. There are several ways you can remember Retina Australia in your Will, depending on your wishes and circumstances. You can leave: a fixed sum of money, a specific gift, such as property or an item of value such as a piece of art or jewellery, or a share of your residuary estate, which is what remains of your estate once your loved ones and expenses have been paid. A residuary gift could be a percentage or the whole of the residue of your estate. Even 1, 2 or 5% (or more) of your estate can make a significant difference.

Notify loved ones and Retina Australia
It is an important step to talk to family and loved ones about your Will. Communication will ensure your final wishes are carried out. Let your family know that an enduring gift to Retina Australia is important to you and advise your executors of your wishes. We ask that you consider contacting us to let us know of your intended gift. Your notification helps us by: giving us confidence that we will be able to support research in the future; allowing us to personalise communications with you and focus on programs that interest you; and enabling us to invite you to events for face-to-face updates on our programs.

To notify us, please call our office on 1800 999 870, or ask your solicitor to drop us a line.