Webinars 2021

Retina Australia is again running our popular webinars throughout 2021. Featuring a wide variety of topics, these events are free for all our members around Australia to access the latest information in IRD research, assistive technologies, and personal stories from those living with IRDs. See below for links to videos of our previous webinars.

Research Update from Retina Australia Grant Recipients

Date:   Thursday 27th May

Time:   2pm (AEST)

Cost:   Free for current Retina Australia members, $15 for non-members

This webinar will be presented by two of our 2020 grant recipients, Dr Andrea Vincent and Dr Raymond (Ray) Wong.

Andrea, who is Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at Auckland University, and consultant ophthalmologist with the Auckland District Health Board, will present an update on her work with the retinal degradation associated with X-linked RPGR mutations.

Ray is the Unit Head of the Cellular Reprogramming Unit at the Centre for Eye Research in Melbourne, and a principal investigator in Ophthalmology in the Department of Surgery at the University of Melbourne.  He will provide an update of his work using cell reprogramming to regenerate photoreceptors.

To register for this event, or for more information, contact the Retina Australia office at info@retinaaustralia.com.au  or call us on 03-9650 5088.


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