Webinars 2021

Retina Australia is again running our popular webinars throughout 2021. Featuring a wide variety of topics, these events are free for all our members around Australia to access the latest information in IRD research, assistive technologies, and personal stories from those living with IRDs. See below for links to videos of our previous webinars, and keep an eye out for upcoming events.


Clinical genetics services helping with genetic information, counselling and access to clinical therapy, trials and research in the IRDs

Date:          Saturday 9th October

Time:         2.00pm EST (1.30pm in SA, 12.30pm in NT, 1.00pm in QLD, and 11.00am in WA), following the Annual General Meeting.


Genetic information is critical for access to clinical therapy, trials and research studies for patients and families with inherited retinal diseases. Professor Robyn Jamieson, Dr Alan Ma and Ms Laura Wedd from the Department of Clinical Genetics, Western Sydney Genetics Program, Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network and Westmead Hospital, will speak about referral pathways and possible outcomes of genetic testing for patients and families with IRDs. The patient journey will be discussed, as it relates to the genetic information, research studies to clarify genetic variants, available gene therapy, clinical trials and novel pharmaceutical and genetic therapy approaches.

To participate in this free event, you can connect via the internet or using your phone, either mobile or landline.  To reserve a place, click the link below to register:



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