We are an organisation managed by volunteers.

Retina Australia was established by a group of people personally affected by Retinitis Pigmentosa in October 1983, as the Australian Retinitis Pigmentosa Association. These people had previously established retinitis pigmentosa support organisations in several states. 

Our mission is to raise community awareness of inherited retinal diseases, to facilitate support to individuals, families and friends affected by inherited retinal disease, to be a credible and transparent source of information related to inherited retinal diseases, and to raise and distribute funds for research into prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure of inherited retinal diseases.

$5.5 million
towards research into inherited retinal disease. This has been used strategically to provide “seed” funding for researchers who have then been able to use their results to apply for government or private funding to continue their research.

The funded research areas have included gene therapy, stem cell therapy, artificial prostheses, and the psychological or sociological aspects of living with an inherited retinal disease. Individual members have also personally contributed to Australian research through personal interviews and non-invasive testing. 

As of 2019, Retina Australia has become a single national body with associated groups in the states and territories and a national office in Melbourne.