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Australian Inherited Retinal Diseases Register

based in WA at the Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, this data bank is being expanded to include material from inherited retinal disease sufferers all over Australia....... see the article at right on how to participate.

2013 ARVO Proceedings
see right)

Advance Notice!!

2015 Retina Australia Congress in Melbourne Oct 24/25.   A date for your diary!


proceedings of Retina International Congress 2014


News Items from around the world.

bionic eye team sees far into future

safety study indicates gene therapy for blindness improves vision


Successful Stem Cell transplants by StemCells Inc


New insight into gene therapy


Retinal Disease linked to Progressive deterioration of cells


Researchers progress on artificial retina


Researchers find novel pathway that helps eyes quickly adapt to darkness


Montreal researchers discover crucial blindness gene


Stem cell treatment for most common form of blindness developed by British scientists


Photoreceptor transplantation


cataract surgery




Retina International Congress 2014 Summary


ARVO 2013 report to Retina International

Hope in Sight - report from 2102 Retina Australia Congress


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